Wiffinder – Wifi sniffing bags

We have covered Wifi sniffing T-Shirts, Sneakers and bags for a while and my biological radar is always going off when I see a new clothing or bag item that offers a Wifi network indicating feature. Wifi signal indication and [...]

802.11 Apparel – Wifi Jacket

Jenny Chowdhury a resident researcher focusing on wearable and physical computing at NYU/ITP created a range of 802.11 (WiFi) Apparel by taking out the ‘geeky’ look of other WiFi shirts we have posted about. Her approach is to combine traditional [...]

Another Sensible Father’s Day gift – WiFi detecting T-Shirt

We have another suggestion for a sensible Father’s Day gift: a WiFi detecting T-Shirt for the fun loving, cool, techie Dad. Flashwear keeps on extending their animated T-Shirts and offers now many different styles of their WiFi detecting T-Shirt collection [...]

Wi-Fi sniffing sneakers

We have seen T-Shirts that sniff out Wi-Fi signals and show them on the chest. Although this might be too much geek for some it does have appeal to others (I may count myself to the ‘others’ category). There is [...]

The Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt is ready for the action

Finally, Firebox.com has the Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt in stock and ready for ordering, that is – all sizes except S and XL which will be available again by February 19. Too late for my Valentines gift but anyway, this über-hip-cool [...]

Hot(spot) fashion: Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt

Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt’s are not new on the block but they do get a bit better looking all time. Our last introduction of Thinkgeek’s Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt was already a good looking T-Shirt, yeah, it is a bit geeky to [...]

Check for hot-spot with the Wiffinder bag from Soyntec

Finding a usable WiFi signal is becoming an everyday routine for many of the ‘always connected’ net-citizen. Knowing if you are in a so called ‘hot spot’ means taking out your Laptop and check if the signal is good enough [...]