Drum T-Shirt

We just covered some new interactive T-Shirts but there is ‘one more thing’: the Drum T-Shirt is pushing the limits of interactive clothing into new a new dimension. ThinkGeek has proven in the past to think geek out-of-the-box when it [...]

Interactive T-Shirts

T-Shirts with EL (Electroluminescent) displays have come a long way. What started out as novel idea with only very few variations to choose from has evolved into a colorful and variation rich segment. There are millions of different designs available [...]

S.A.D – Heat sensitive T-shirt

S.A.D stands for ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ or also known as winter depression, is a mood disorder whose sufferers experience normal mental health throughout most of the year, but experience depressive symptoms in the winter when it is darker and less [...]

Love Meter T-Shirt

The Love Meter T-Shirt is another variant of the Dynamic Love shirt we have posted abut a while ago. The love indication on both shirts is similar: as you move closer to another person wearing also a Love Meter T-Shirt, [...]

Another Sensible Father’s Day gift – WiFi detecting T-Shirt

We have another suggestion for a sensible Father’s Day gift: a WiFi detecting T-Shirt for the fun loving, cool, techie Dad. Flashwear keeps on extending their animated T-Shirts and offers now many different styles of their WiFi detecting T-Shirt collection [...]

T-Sketch puts a illuminated whiteboard on your chest

Another day, another unique T-Shirt. After seeing the amazing Soundtrack T-Shirt becoming a reality the next big thing might be the T-Sketch T-Shirt that made it’s round all over the Internet might be another surprise hit among the techno fashion [...]

Design your Music T-Shirt by Music and Sons

My favorite T-Shirt brand Music and Sons added a new dimension to their Music T-Shirt range: consumer can vote on their site which of the many Music T-Shirt designs should make it to a final product into the online store. [...]