Nike MAG secret unveiled

Just a few hours after our posting about a mysterious video clip showing the Nike MAG in what looked like a testing room, the secret is officially unveiled. It turns out Nike produced 1500 pairs of this futuristic shoe and [...]

Adidas Cyber sneakers

When it comes to hi-tech sneakers Adidas is the #1 a number it well deserves since they introduced early 2005 the Adidas 1 high-tech sneaker with integrated running computer. Five years later, Adidas takes on again the high tech arena [...]

Step by step music control with MP3 shoes

Channel Five’s The Gadget Show presenters Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury were each asked to create a wearable gadget of the future. With some ideas in mind they turned to product design and innovation consultants Smallfry to help make their [...]

Project Walkway – eight girls hack their shoes

Girls of all ages are fascinated by shoes. There can never ever be enough shoes in the closet. Every occasion needs the perfect matching footwear. What do we get if girls take electronics and upgrade their shoes? – Project Walkway [...]

Verb for Shoe – smart, interactive footwear

Footwear is getting another upgrade by offering multi dimensional interactivity to shoes for comfort and socializing in the real as well as the virtual world. VectraSense Technologies, a spin-off company from MIT ‘the mother of Wearable Electronic’, launched the smartest [...]