Intelligent Textiles Workshop

Just before the Smart Textiles Salon, the University of Ghent in cooperation with Plug and Wear and Systex organize a two part, three day workshop on Intelligent Textiles. Part I will equip the participant with fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical [...]

Electronic Fiber

Staying a bit in the fiber since field today’s article is about a development coming from Jian Feng Gu at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. Mr. Jian Feng Gu and his team work on a simple [...]

Textile science: Fibers that can hear and sing

In the old days making fibers was a relative simple matter, creating yarn and weave them to clothes. But these days are numbered with the emergence of intelligent fibers and textiles. Fiber development migrated in our digital age to electronic [...]

Intelligent underwear

Intelligent textiles not only enable the design of fashionable, interactive outfits to show (off) but can add great value to the health care sector, an area I have repeatedly highlighted as one of the potential applications for wearable technologies. Joseph [...]

Wake up delighted with the glo Pillow

Would you like being waked up by light coming out of the pillow, gently increasing it’s light intensity simulating the natural sunrise? If you are tired being hit by an alarm clock that gives off a shocking noise you might [...]

Power generating clothing charges your iPod in the pocket

A recent article by T3 introduces a highly interesting textile and clothing concept worked out by one of the most innovative and forward thinking design companies: Frog Design. The textile and clothing concept in question can harvest the power everyone [...]

Hot fashion – WarmX heated underwear

Germany’s advanced e-Textiles company WarmX has the right product many of us are carving for right now: electrically heated underwear. In times of the greatest need of a bit warmth, a flip of a switch is all it takes and [...]