FashionWare Runway Show during CES 2011

What better place one can imagine to show off fashion and technology then the annual technology center of the universe, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 bringing the next generation of wearable technology on the FashionWare runway. This evening [...]

The magic of light: Sparkling Crystal Dress by Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan surprised again during the Paris Fashion week the audience with ‘Technology meets high Fashion’ by showing a Sparkling Crystal Dress. To underline his ability and willingness to challenge traditional aspects of fashion, Chalayan bended the rules a bit [...]

A look underneath the LED-Dress from Hussein Cahalayan

Much was written about the Mechanical Dress and the LED-Dress from Hussein Cahalayan but you ever wondered how it was made? For my part, I wanted to know a little bit more about the background and looked underneath the two [...]

Angel Chang – Queen of Wearable Electronic Fashion

Angel Chang is a innovative Fashion Designer who blends technology and fashion in the most advanced and beautiful way we have seen so far. The way she thinks about fashion and technology is remarkable, head over to the write up [...]

GlowFur opens any ‘members only’ club door for you

Are illuminated clothing and fashion accessories the next trend? First there are the Fabric Switches in Jackets and accessories but Light Emitting Fabrics seem to be the second most desired object of Wearable Electronics. The GlowFur range created by designer [...]