DIY Louis Vuitton Solar Bag

How about upgrading your Louis Vuitton bag with a solar panel to charge your Louis Vuitton LV888 cellphone in style? If you are, like Mark Farina did, use a flexible solar panel kit from Voltaic, you have your very own, [...]

DIY – Light recycling Backpack

An interesting DIY project from Instructables user ‘sykoze‘ shows how to make a backpack which catches sunlight during the day via solar panels and gives back the light in form of LEDs during night. The idea is not new but [...]

Make your own Solar Bag and the sun power will be with you

We conclude our DIY project ‘Make your own Solar Bag’ by sharing with you our experience by using our Solar Bag for a month now in many different ‘real life’ situations to give you an idea what you can expect [...]

Make your own Solar Bag – part two

Today you will make your own Solar Bag complete with the guidelines for the electronic part of our project. A few words to the design: The following electronic concept is based on the DIY instruction from Popular Science but we [...]

Make your own Solar Bag – part one

A few days ago we started writing about our DIY Solar Bag and today we start to show you how to make your own solar Bag ‘the easy way’. Part one is about the integration of a solar panel in [...]

DIY Solar bag

talk2myShirt has formally entered the DIY community by making our very own version of a Solar Bag. It was easy for us to pick our first DIY candidate. Catching solar energy with a bag to power iPod and Co. became [...]