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Keyglove 2.0 looking for investors

Since our first article about the Keyglove end of last year Jeff Rowberg kept working and improving his Open Source Hardware project – the Keyglove. The Keyglove is is based on the Arduino/AVR and acts as wireless input for electronic [...]

Vega – a new light on the fashion horizon

Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lyra and the fifth brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere gave the inspiration for Canadian clothing designer Angella Mackey who resides currently in Gothenburg, Sweden for her first illuminated fashion design, the [...]

Never get lost with the MapBag

GPS has come a long way starting out as an exclusively used technology by the military, then migrated to the aviation industry and finally became accessible to the general public as car navigation and nowadays GPS is a standard feature [...]

Global eTextile Hacker Meeting

Last night 8pm MDT / 10pm EST / 2am GMT / 10am WITA (South East Asia – Central Standard Time) – I hope I got all the time conversions right – Lynne Bruning pulled off the first Global eTextile Hacker [...]

Haute Tech turns the Light on

‘Haute Tech’: Turning the Lights On is the headline of a recent article in the Fashion & Style section of The New York Times, featuring the fashion illumination designs by Moon Berlin, a Haute Tech fashion design house founded by [...]

XS Labs – Seven years of design research and experimentation in electronic textiles and reactive garments

Joanna Berzowska was one of the first personalities I got to know at the begin of my wearable technology dedication. She is one of the pioneers in the wearable electronic space, creating insightful and highly innovative technologies and designs over [...]

Introduction to Wearable Technology workshop

The wearable technology event calendar is filling up rapidly in 2011, a sure sign for the growing popularity and awareness of eTextile developments. Ricardo O’Nascimento at Popkalab is holding a 3 day workshop, running form April 27th to 29th in [...]