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Electrified Fairy wings

I could not resist writing about Halloween in connection with the possibilities eTextile techniques offer for this type of once-a-year event. Making a mini-voting contest among my friends we selected the ‘Wing’ type of DIY projects as our favorite design. [...]

LumiNet – an organic, interactive, wearable computing network

Wearable technologists are familiar with the LilyPad Arduino developed by Leah Buechley. LilyPad is the first choice when electro-textile designer look for some number crunching application, be it to control light or coordinate sensor inputs and convert them for light [...]

Sensible Music by Stefan Zwegers

The Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology is currently running the ID’10 showcasing the work of the Master’s graduates plus a selection of Bachelor’s and Master’s projects. Some of the exhibits on stage are highly interesting [...]

Design contest for Cooling Jackets

The last thing most of our talk2myShirt reader will have in mind right now with the winter in front of the door is thinking on a cooling jacket. But there are regions on our planet where people straggly with the [...]

SYSTEX Smart Textiles Student Award 2010 winner – Active Belt from Kunal Mankodiya

For the second time SYSTEX and the Ghent University called students around the world for smart textile designs and to select the yearly champion. The 2010 winning entry is the Active Belt by Kunal Mankodiya from the Institute for Signal [...]

Touch screens love Agloves

With the begin of the cold season many users new to the world of touch screen cellphones, Music player and iPad style tablet devices might not be aware that operating this devices is not possible with gloved hands. Taking a [...]

High-tech fashion by Anouk Wipprecht

Belonging to the new generation of fashion-tech designer, Anouk Wipprecht understands very well how to make use of technology to re-invent fashion design. Fashion design, used to provoke, to challenging but also connecting to social values has always been at [...]