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Neighbourhoodie – the coolest gaming accessory for iPhone and iPod touch

I am always fascinated by innovative design concepts that merge our virtual existence with the physical space in which we live, especially if it includes technology enhanced clothing. A team of designer formed at the Canadian Film Centre, Interactive Arts [...]

Wearable electronic guardian angels

Thanks to constantly advancements in medical health care and our general knowledge about healthy lifestyle the percentage of older people increases rapidly around the world. This group of people is in need of new types of products that do mostly [...]

Simple and practical: T-Shirt as headphone cord extension

Simple ideas with great impact, does not everyone wish to have such products? Just use them, have them at our disposal all time and if we use them it feels great. Most people get into a defensive mode when I [...]

Bio Circuit, a wearable sound escape

The Bio Circuit vest is a interesting concept design created by two students at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Dana Ramler and Holly Schmidt. Bio Circuit provides a sound (e)scape in sync with the biological state of [...]

Textile illumination – Delight Cloth

Based on the feedback we receive on talk2myShirt and my personal experience, illuminated textiles, be it for clothing or interior design, never fails to trigger instant, highly emotionally charged reactions from everyone around when seeing textile objects suddenly light up, [...]

Sessile – twinkling starlight handbag

Grace Kim, a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, currently working as Interaction Designer for Yahoo! created a beautiful handbag with sensibly stylish light  animation, the Sessile Handbag. The center stage is once again the LilyPad Arduino, a [...]

Balancing vest

Researchers at UCLA’s Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology (CASIT) developed a vest containing accelerometers across the shoulders and pneumatic balloon actuators to provide a portable, wearable aid for people who lost their sense of balance due to injury [...]