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DIY e-textiles crafting for beginners with StitchLits

Artist-Researcher-Educator Kate Hartman, currently an adjunct faculty member at New York University teaching courses in soft circuitry and physical computing created a cute little tool box targeted towards novices in e-textile crafting. She made her DIY kit called ‘StichLits‘ available [...]

Burton Audio Stroll Down Jacket review

We have introduced Burton’s Ronin Audio Stroll Down Jacket back in November as one of the first jackets with integrated sound system enabling you to rave down the hills to your favorite soundtracks but still lets you hear any danger [...]

Wearable Technology on its way into International Cricket

I have to admit I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to Cricket but the following story from the Cricket world got my attention: In a recent move, Cricket Australia slapped a ninety days ban on its fast bowler [...]

Endura Luminite cycling jacket

Following up on the Illuminated Running Apparel from yesterday which is still at the concept stage, the Endura Luminite 2009 cycling jacket is maybe not as sexy as the NR4 but ready for the action if you are into cycling. [...]

Illuminated Running Apparel

Designer Jeffrey S. Engelhardt created an extraordinary cool looking illuminated clothing especially for the safety needs of runners which are in great danger of being hit by cars during low light conditions. Using Electro Luminescent (EL) wires for a soft, [...]

Book preview – Smart clothes and wearable technology

Our first wearable electronic book introduction for 2009 is: Smart clothes and wearable technology, ready for pre-order now and becomes available end of this week. Smart clothes and wearable technology is a collaboration between J. McCann from University of Wales [...]

Equalizer T-Shirt hacking

Instructables member Mikey Berman points out that Equalizer T-Shirt come with rather simple, underpowered microphones which are usually inside the box that hold also the batteries. This little box is inside pocket on the T-Shirt making it quite insensitive to [...]