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DIY – Valentines heart brooch

Becky Stern made acute little DIY project last year combining the LilyPad Arduino and the ‘Open Heart’ DIY project from Jimmie Rogers. Jimmie developed not only the ‘Open Heart’ hardware, he created an excellent simulation and programming software which allows [...]

Solar fashion bags at a great discount

Noon‘s handmade solar bags radiate elegance and luxury. Carefully selected biodegradable materials, hand dyed with natural substances which are non-toxic using chemical free processes, give Noon’s solar bag collection an elusive tough. The use of soft, flexible solar panels add [...]


2Joy is a German company which designs and sells Joyshirts, cool T-Shirts with EL-decals. I know, I am addicted to those light-up T-Shirts and always on the lookout for new designs. I don’t like the erratic blinking types although others [...]

Wearable Electronic options: CONNECTEDwear and PANiQ

Last weeks announcement about PANiQ, the wearable electronic brand from QIO Systems, expanded the choices for consumer on the lookout for interactive apparel. Fibretronic introduced its wearable electronic brand CONNECTEDwear almost exactly one year earlier, at the begin of 2008, [...]

Leah Buechley – democratization of technology

Leah Buechley one of the leading personalities in the DIY wearable electronic field and creator of the unique LilyPad e-textile platform as well as countless DIY instructions to create ‘soft electronics’ gave recently a talk outlining her new task at [...]

Cool iPod ready jacket from Kolon Sport

Kolon Sport is a Korean based company recognized for their high performance, high-tech outerwear which helps explorers to pioneer the untouched corners of nature in style. By introducing the ‘Smart Series‘ jacket Kolon Sport is challenging the interactive fashion world [...]

Wearable Electronics – The Next Big Break-through for Outdoor Apparel?

One of the biggest Outdoor / Snow Sports fashion trade shows the ‘SIA 09‘ will open it’s doors on Jan. 27 and running until Jan 30 in Las Vegas. SIA is a giant annual biz conference for the snow industry [...]