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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We hope you enjoyed reading talk2myShirt over the past year, the products we have posted about, the news we reported about and the creative projects presented from visionaries, students and DIY enthusiasts. We thank you for visiting our blog, for [...]

Interactive Bag design – Fabrication Bag

Thermo-chromic ink for screen-printing on textiles combined with conductive yarn on the backside to control the color change of the thermo-chromic print is a technique that paints – literally – dynamic pattern changes onto textiles. Linda Worbin, doctoral candidate in [...]

Quiksilver Last Mission Jacket – interactive winter fashion

Quiksilver launched their second interactive winter fashion line with the Last Mission Jacket that incorporate Fibretronic‘s CONNECTED-wear technology allowing to add any of the growing number of modules to control MP3 players, advanced iPod control or Bluetooth phones. The Last [...]

DIY – Textile battery holder

Aniomagic, creator of many cute e-textile components seems has taken up my remark in one of my posts about the cute little battery holder and included into their online store for e-textile DIY enthusiasts. Unlike the other components Aniomagic is [...]

O’Neill Highway 1 iPod Backpack

O’Neill‘s H-Division products for the 2008/09 season have been designed to incorporate your iPod into their design. The Highway 1 iPod Backpack is a cool looking, rugged backpack that will easily carry of the essentials you need to have with [...]

Communication Apparel

New York based interaction designer Alis Cambol uses technology enhanced clothing for non-verbal communication habits simulating communication forms used by animals. Her thesis work at Parson’s, called the Communication Apparel explores the possibilities of communicating with and through clothing. We [...]

iGlove technology – PlayPoint

Keeping warm fingers while outdoors during the frosty winter days requires often to wear gloves. But old fashion gloves turn out to be a problem for gadget welding folks: any and every touch surface operated device like the iPod Touch [...]