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Black Stripe iPod suit

Timeless tailoring meets the latest innovations in fabric technology: that’s the iPod suit from Marks & Spencer. Much hyped a few weeks ago and now on sale. According to the UK online store from Marks & Spencer, only the iPod [...]

Fire Dress – DIY with Laura Cesari

We have seen the LED-Dress from Hussein Cahalayan but the $ 16.000,- might be a bit too much for some of us. Do not fret, I can show you a way to have a similar ‘head turning’ outfit for your [...]

ISPO Sport & Style – where fashion meets technology

Wearable Electronic takes again center stage for the third consecutive month. In May was the Smart Fabrics, this month the Avantex and coming month the ISPO Sport & Style in Munich / Germany. Between July 8-10, the 1st Wearable Technologies [...]

Free energy from your bag – why not?

I can’t help looking around for Wearable Solar products when the sun is shining all day long. Is it not obvious to make use of our bags and cover some of the surface with those flexible solar cells. Catching sunlight [...]

Wearable Electronic curiosities

iLuv made big waves throughout the blogging sphere about a Jacket with iPod controls named Fashionology Jacket and a Bikini top with iPod controls integrated. Those two ‘products’ may or may not turn out to be products. After all, iLuv [...]

Jansport extends LiveWire Backpack range

It might be a bit early to think about Back-to-School but it seems Jansport just kicked off the race to get you the perfect gear for the time after the loooong summer break. Jansport’s LiveWire Backpack range is already in [...]

Zegna Solar JKT jacket loads up your cell phone or iPod

Italian’s fashion company Ermenegildo Zegna is extending it’s Wearable Electronic collection after entering this market with the iJacket and the planned launch later this year with the Bluetooth iJacket under the Zegna Sport collection. At the currently running men’s fashion [...]