Category: Wearable Senses

Wear your true lifestyle

‘Wear your true lifestyle‘ is a ‘Wearable Senses‘ project from Gordon Tiemstra, student at the Department of Industrial Design of the Eindhoven University of Technology, with the focus on a combination of teenagers, lifestyle, identity and smart fabrics. Gordon started [...]

Nemo, the experience of pregnancy

Industrial design student Floor Mattheijssen likes to create systems and services around the human body, the body movements and physiology in medical context. Her latest design is a monitoring system for unborn children called NEMO, short for ‘non-invasive electro-physiological monitor [...]

Jakob – social networking accessory for your sofa

For many ‘connected’ people, online social activities are sometimes more intensive than the social interaction with family members living in the same house. To make ‘off-line’ socializing more appealing to the online addicted crowed, Dutch Industrial Design student Paula Kassenaar [...]

Walk – interactive shirt shows how much you walk

Doing even simplest forms of exercise like walking is already an effort people in so called highly developed countries have to be motivated to do. Many spend time in offices and in front of TV or computer in the evenings, [...]

Flowtime: wearable electronics for yoga

Wearable electronic is currently on stage at the Dutch Design Week held between Oct 17 and 25 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The wearable electronic concepts are the creation of students participating in the ‘Wearable Senses‘ course at the Department of [...]