Category: LilyPad

DIY eTextiles – Soundie, a musical touch-sensitive light-up hoodie

Kanjun Qiu created at the MIT Media Lab for the High-Low Tech research group the beautifully designed Soundie, a hoodie with touch sensitive areas triggering sound and light effects. The Soundie is Kanjun’s exploration into eTextiles and the LilyPad system. [...]

Power design for eTextiles

From a clothing designer point of view, the focus is on style and aesthetics. From an electronic engineer point of view, the power efficient circuit design is one of the keys between being a master or mediocre in this profession. [...]

DIY – Emotional Scarf

Communicating clothing is one of the most interesting concepts in the interactive fashion domain and well taken care off especially by the eTextile DIY community. Instructables member ArduinoFun has posted a inspirational project called ‘Arduino Lilypad Interactive Passion Sensing Scarf‘ [...]

e-textile DIY – touch-sensitive, musical light-up hoodie

A nicely designed e-textile DIY project from Instructables member Kanjun is the ‘musical touch-sensitive light-up hoodie‘. This interactive hoodie changes it’s behavior – yeah, smart clothing will have it’s own character – depending on how charged you are. Everyone has [...]

DIY wearable electronic – Sonar garment for the visually impaired

This weeks wearable electronic DIY project comes again from Lynne Bruning and is the best ever I have seen in the e-textile domain – just fabulous. The story of her project, the ‘Sonar Garment‘: assisting visually impaired people by navigating [...]

DIY Wearable Electronic – LilyPad E-Sewing and Pro Kit

Sparkfun has bundled two versions of the famous and fabulous Wearable Electronic DIY system around Leah Buechley’s LilyPad Arduino e-textile system for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. You can check out the two LilyPad kits first hand during the Maker Fair which [...]