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Tactile visualization with the Touch Glove

The Touch Glove created by Ally Seeley is not only a cool eTextile design concept, it does address a rare but occurring problem effecting unfortunate people who loose their tactile feel. Feeling with the fingers is a essential part of [...]

DIY eTextiles – remote control T-shirt

Are you one of the millions who spend a good deal of time search for that TV remote control? If yes – Designer Rebecca Albrand has a cool solution for you, the Remote Control T-Shirt. Using a Remote control T-Shirt [...]

DIY eTextiles – creating a natural link between tech and textiles

In this week’s eTextile DIY article I like to introduce you to Fio, a designer and maker of awesome things like the textile projects I have found on her website. My favorite design in Fio’s portfolio is the E-embroidery image. [...]

eTextile Tutorial – Audience Jacket

One of my favorite wearable tech resources is OCAD’s (Ontario College of Art & Design University) Social Body Lab headed by one of the most prominent persons in the wearable tech space – Kate Hartman, co-creator of the LilyPad XBee [...]

eTextiles How-To guide by Lynne Bruning

As technologist you may know little about thread, sewing and fabric cutting but you want to use your technical knowledge to explore the  eTextile world. As fashion designer and needle craft enthusiast you know everything about fabrics and sewing until [...]

DIY – Night Biking Gloves

To increase bikers visibility during evening and night time is attracting highly creative people among the wearable tech community since Leah Buechley published her Turn-Signal-Jacket design which ignited the imagination of wearable tech enthusiasts to come up with creative, fun [...]

eTextile Valentine DIY by Sparkfun

Looking for a special something for your special someone to give a electrifying Valentine’s Day gift? Here is a tip: Sparkfun is running a Plushbot Class on Saturday Feb 11th at the Sparkfun HQ in Boulder, CO from 9am until [...]