Category: Concept Design

The not-so-hands-free Glove Phone

Picking up on a recent story by Engadet about the Hi-Fun glove phone they spotted at the IFA in Berlin, Germany I searched around our own talk2myShirt archive and on the internet to see if there has been something similar [...]

e-Wearable Platform

Apparel fitted with sensors detecting, recording and analyzing movement, physiological data from the wearer or environmental parameters like location, moisture and temperature, light or chemical substances in the air Рall these represent vital and interesting  information in many different [...]

Upgrade your iOS to tshirtOS

London based wearable electronic fashion brand CuteCircuit is my favorite wearable tech company. No other brand is as long in this space and is as much dedicated to wearable tech than CuteCircuit. It is not only the pioneering work Francesca [...]

Human Dynamo Jacket

Wearable Power, the all time favorite of the wearable technology community, keeps on inspiring people to find ways of making use of the many Watt’s a human body produces at any time of the day. Estimates go as high as [...]

IM Blanky, blanket with personality

A team at Studio NMinusOne at the University of Toronto’s RAD (Responsive Architecture at Daniels) developed an amazing smart textile object, the IM Blanky a blanket that knows its state in time and position in space. Being able to know [...]

Smart Posture Suspenders

eTextiles and wearable tech truly inspire people around the globe, innovator and creator of amazingly sensible solutions. Designer, developer and entrepreneur Tobias Sonne designed the Posture Suspenders to solve a problem most of the notebook and iPad swinging folks are [...]

Communication glove for deaf-blind persons

We have seen a number of wearable tech enhanced gloves supporting the communication between deaf persons and persons who do not understand well the sign language. Such gloves contain sensors which detect gestures and translate this signals into speech. Researchers [...]