Category: Accessories

Nike High-tech footwear

High-tech shoemaker Nike is stirring up the sneaker market with the recent announcement to bring the LeBron X model including the ‘Nike+ Basketball’ feature to the consumer market as early as Fall this year with a (not yet confirmed) price [...]

Wearable sensing for sport activities

Professional as well as fitness sport apparel look like to become a prime area for wearable technology integration. In the past few month I have seen a increase in research and development activities for integrated sensory functions in sport apparel [...]

A string of light – LED shoelaces

Soon the great outdoors will warm up, inviting fitness enthusiasts for an after office run or ride on the bike. More often than not this activities take place after sunset because of work schedule or because the more pleasant temperatures [...]

LedBAG – light up your life

Back in 2009 talk2myShirt introduced a illuminated bag concept design, the ledBAG from Polish designer Maria Roza Szczepanska. At that time I did not anticipate this cool design concept would grow to a commercialized product any time soon, but I [...]

Nike MAG secret unveiled

Just a few hours after our posting about a mysterious video clip showing the Nike MAG in what looked like a testing room, the secret is officially unveiled. It turns out Nike produced 1500 pairs of this futuristic shoe and [...]

Top Secret – Nike MAG shoe future arrives

The future finally arrived – at least for the much talked about Nike sneakers Marty McFly in the cult movie ‘Back to the Future Part II‘ had on his feet. Since that movie has been released countless innovators and hackers [...]

Smart glove is looking for investors

Adding audio control and cell phone navigation to gloves is not an entirely new idea, we have seen many concept designs and a few commercial ski gloves from various brands over the past few years doing that. Even gloves that [...]