Fibretronic rolls out CONNECTED-wear

Connected_wear.jpg Fibretronic, one of the wearable electronic system providers for the apparel and soft goods industry, started to offer their range of CONNECTED-wear™ smart modules that hook up to wearable electronic enabled clothing and bags allowing to extend the clothes functionality beyond being just clothing.

The great news about CONNECTED-wear’s  modular system for interactive fashion: for the first time everyone can chose which function or product he/she likes to use with a jacket or bag. You could use one and the same ‘Fibretronic enabled’ bag or jacket with different modules, depending what you want and need to have with/on you.

Changing a cell phone or audio player, just go to selected retail stores or to Fibretronic’s online shop and chose from the range of functions on offer which includes: iPod control, audio control for all other audio player, iPod with Bluetooth and wireless iPod controller.

Yeah – still a lot of iPod but I am sure other products will be supported soon as this modular concept makes it easy to add function/products as they come to the market.

Prices range from as low as £6.99 ($12.27) for the volume controller up to £32.99 ($57.75) for the iPod Bluetooth system which let you control the iPod and any Bluetooth enabled phone.

The online store is active for UK and EU customers with US and Canada online store following soon.

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