Interactive fashion from Argentina for the digital lifestyle

Argentine clothing line Indarra DTX created an impressive collection of Interactive apparel ranging from iPod controlling jackets and pants to cellphone charging jackets.

interactive_fashion.jpgFashion Designer Julieta Gayoso, founder of Indarra DTX said that technology has become today such an important part of life that it is necessary to be available with a person everywhere.

Her mobile fashion collection includes the Touchpad jacket with a smart textile interface allowing the control of an iPod from the sleeve. The fabric is touch sensible and allows to change tracks or turn up the volume with a tip on the sleeve. Convenient, simple and keeps the iPod safe in the pocket.

The second iPod ready apparel are the Joystick Pants for men and women which come in a cool look and have a joystick like iPod control just above the side pocket. The twist here is that this controller operates wireless the iPod which can be in a pant pocket or in a bag up to 18 meters (59 feet) away from you (your pants). I must admit: a great feature but one have to make sure the receiver on the iPod doesn’t get lost.

Having the hands full with other stuff while running around doing all kind of errands, the quick skip of a song or hitting pause to listen to public announcements becomes very convenient when it can be done on the sleeve or the trouser without having to take out the iPod from a pocket.

With mobility comes the power management problem. Often enough our little gadgets run out of battery power just in the wrong moment (as there would ever be a right moment). Julieta added to her mobility collection the FV Module Jacket integrating a flexible solar panel into a jacket. The solar panels is connected to a storage battery in the inside pocket where up to eight electronic devices can be recharged at the same time whenever there is sunshine around you.

The solar panel is removable, no point to have it on a jacket when there is no shun shine. But when the sun hits the panel fully, a cellphone for example can be charged in around 2 hours.


At this moment Julieta Gayoso’s collection is only available via Indarra DTX for the local (Argentine) market but she is working on a second interactive fashion collection and hopes to begin exporting products outside Argentina in 2009.

It’s refreshing to see more companies, big or small, coming out with interactive clothing giving the interested consumer diversity and choices.


  1. Great concept with the solar panel,you can always hook up your ipod while jogging. The design of the suit is fabulous as well.

  2. To the attention of Ms. Julieta Gayoso

    I read about the solar jacket that can charge up to 8 electronic devices.
    We are a firm publishing Motonautica (, a nautical magazine spread all over the world.
    I think that our readers would appreciate a product like this jacket I would much appreciate if you could send me a press release and photos (300 dpi) to publish in the next January 2009 edition a news, free of charge.
    Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Best regards.
    Marta Perfetti

  3. Dear Sie,

    I would liket to know if you do wholesale ladies corprate wear and anoy other up market clothing for ladies? I am intrested in Argantian and Brazil market.

    Looking forward to hear from you


  4. it was magnificent the first time i watched. i believe people in part of the world i live will admire this concept

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