High Sierra BackBeat Compu-Backpack for iPod

High_Sierra_Back_Beat.jpgWe haven’t covered for some time iPod ready backpacks but this doesn’t mean there is no news or no choice out there. On the contrary, brands are adding the ubiquitous ‘Made for iPod’ to bags and backpacks on a continuous basis.

It’s no secret that I am a fan of iPod controls on my bags. Having used this convenient function on my backpack (Nike C.O.R.E.) and now on my Voltage Messenger bag since 2006, I do not want to miss these controls on my bag’s shoulder strap ever again.

Great value for money is the High Sierra BackBeat Compu-Backpack with it’s incredible low price tag of just $87.62 as seen by Amazon.

Great value for students or young professional’s money as this iPod-compatible laptop backpack includes a padded sleeve with velcro straps for securing up to 17″ laptops. Deluxe organizer in front pocket for pens, keys, and electronics. Hard EVA shell on front pocket for extra protection.

A bonus is the illuminated controller on the outside of the strap radiating some sparkle to the one-finger control over function like play/pause, rewind, fast-forward, volume up, volume down. The earphone jack is built into the left shoulder strap.


A good looking bag that provides protection to all the necessities of the digital life style including the iPod audio controls at the fingertip.

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