Temperature Sweater

temerature_sweater.jpgFitting perfectly into the unstable autumn weather most of us facing right now is the Temperature Sweater, a creation from Despina Papadopoulos, founder of Studio 5050.

The cozy fleece sweater has in each sleeve a temperature display, one for Celsius and one for Fahrenheit so you don’t have to struggle converting from one unit to the other. The display is discretely integrated readable only for the wearer.

It’s convenient to check the temperature if it is really that cold or warm and it certainly gives a special touch to your wardrobe.

talk2myShirt always appreciates fresh ideas that add interactivity to clothing as an alternative design element to the conventional beads and embroidery details found in most of our clothing.

Integration of technology does not have to be always function driven, technology can be used in clothing design as aesthetic and emotional value that might or might not add a functional purpose.

Studio 5050 explores the relationship of design, fashion and technology made some of their visionary interactive fashion concepts commercially available like Moi or Embrace-me to name a few.

The Temperature Sweater has a price tag of $470,- and a 2 week delivery time.

I like the following remark Despina Papadopoulos made in an interview on the Wearable Art Blog: ‘We have a thermometer in our house, now we have one in our clothes.’


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