Wearable electronic DIY project – Motion-Capture Costume

Motion_capture_costume.jpgThis week we introduce one of the most complex but also most advanced wearable electronic DIY instructions we have seen: the Puppeteer Motion-Capture Costume developed by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson, two ladies we had an interview earlier this year about this and other projects they are collaborating on.

The idea behind Puppeteer is to create accessible wearable technology solutions for motion-capture, aiming to create as much of the technology from scratch, collecting and sharing this knowledge through DIY instructions.

Mika and Hanna derived the name Puppeteer from the concept of being able to puppeteer or control. Their Motion-Capture Costume transforms body motion into whatever data is relevant to the performance or project.

The fabrication of the suit is a handmade procedure, which is not intended to be a blue print for mass-production, but rather for small projects lead by individuals who like making things themselves, sewing, gluing, soldering, programming and bug fixing – in short: DIY enthusiasts.

The Motion-Capture Costume project contains a couple of sub projects like the bend sensor posted by Hanna in an earlier instructables and has a very long, detailed list of the materials needed to get started with your very own version of the Puppeteer Costume.


All components are created using available textile and electronic materials to demonstrate how simple e-textile elements can be made. A highly inspirational instruction for a somewhat longer but I am sure very rewarding DIY project.

More photos and videos showing the Puppeteer Motion-Capture Costume in action can be found at KOBAKANT.at


  1. Hi Eric, i am interested in making the electronics myself. Could you be able to give me any references. Thank you in advance. I intend to publish my work when done so anybody who is/are interested could make use of it.

  2. Hi. Im interested in making the motion capture suit. I love making special effects movies with my kids. Please contact me and let me know how to get started.

  3. Hello,

    Im curious if this mocap suit works with autodesk products like Maya or MotionBuilder?


  4. this looks like a great idea for helping people with social anxiety disorder overcoming their fears of being in public. the reason it looks so promising is that already being in anxiety they (at least the ones I’ve met) are very sensitive to how their body moves. using that attention to connect their movements with constructive outlets by tying them consciously to the suit as trained to know how and which gestures do what or let to just play in it like a wii game there being some feedback display to communicate when data is being generated.

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