Girl power – 3rd Space gaming vest in Pink

3rd_space_gaming_vest_pink.jpg TN-Games, the maker of the interactive gaming vest that let you feel the punch you get in a game has added a pink version to their range of otherwise masculine and military look of their 3rd Space Gaming Vest.

The military look does not appeal to everyone, especially less likely to girls even when they like to hand out and subsequently receive punches.

Although the 3rd Space vest let you feel the hits your character gets in a computer game, the blows do not hurt you according the FAQ page of TN-Games.

The impact feeling of a fist or bullet is created by inflating pockets with compressed air on 8 different points on the upper body, four at the front and four at the back. Those points are located ‘over important anatomical areas that correlate to areas combatants would be targeting if they were trying to inflict damage on you in real life.

The air actuators generate up to 5 lbs of impact force but the actual force (feel) can be a bit adjusted by tightening or loosening the vest.

TN-Games is working on a helmet using their 3rd Space™ technology.  The HTX Helmet is worn in conjunction with the 3rd Space Gaming Vest and delivers blows to the head when you are fired upon. The launch of the HTX Helmet is planned for 2009.

If you are ready to pay for getting punched head over to TN-Games and get the vest which comes with two PC games, 3rd Space™ Incursion and Call Of Duty™ 2 for $169.-

[via ChipChick]


  1. Hey.

    Could you maybe next time put what it’s made out of (you know allergic reactions!) DUH!!!!


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