Wearable Posture Monitoring

Wearable_posture_sensing_vest.jpgOne of the most ‘sensible’ wearable electronic concepts I have seen is the Wearable Posture Monitoring vest from Lucy Dunne.

Spending every day a lot of the time behind the desk and hammering around the keyboard like many others are doing nowadays, the body posture changes from energetic in the morning to almost melting in the evening.

Doing that over a longer period will have an impact on the body functions. Lucy Dunne’s posture sensing and alerting design can spare pain and save money for doctor bills.

The Wearable Posture Monitoring vest uses a fiber-optic sensor to detect the curvature of the spine. Through a Bluetooth connection, posture data is sent to the user’s computer workstation, which provides feedback and reminders to the user when they lapse into unhealthy postures.

The Wearable Posture Monitoring vest is one of Lucy Dunne’s current projects and let’s hope it can make it into production in near future, I am signing up for pre-order as soon as it goes online.

smart_jacket.jpgLucy Dunne created over the past few years stunning simple but amazingly functional wearable electronic concepts. She holds a Bachelor’s and master’s degree from Cornell University in textiles and apparel design, as well as a Ph.D. in computer science from Ireland’s University College Dublin.

Another project I like from Lucy Dunne is made back in 2002 is the ‘Smart Jacket‘ that automatically heats and lights up when it is cold and dark. It also  contains a pulse monitor to measure activity level for joggers and walkers.

Interesting and useful especially now during autumn/winter time when protection and visibility is needed as it’s too cold to use the heart rate monitor bras and shirts.

Lucy Dunne has a large portfolio of wearable electronic projects, a excellent source of inspiration and learning. She is currently working as assistant professor of wearable technology and apparel design at the University of Minnesota working out a way to bridge the still existing gab between apparel and electronic industry by demonstrating with her concepts how simple it can be to add ‘sense’ to our outfit.

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