T-shirt lumineux URANIUM

uranium_tshirt.jpgUranium, the French company we reported about last year, has come up with a T-Shirt with integrated Display and sells it online since early December 2006 (see link below).

The cost of the, we admit good looking, T-Shirts with display comes to a total of around 145.- Euro.

As far as we can figure out with our limited French language knowledge, the different elements like the ‘Display prepared’ Shirt, the display unit (available in two different sizes), the charger and the USB data cable have to be bought separately. So, don’t forget to collect all items before you check out.

There is no mention about the announced Jeans with Display anywhere on the online store. One one hand, it would be really cool to have a Jean as well, on the other hand, a display that is not made completely out of fabric would be at great risk to break the first time you sit down. And we mean it doesn’t matter if the display would be on your back or front …

Be warned, the shopping site is in French only or more precise, La Redoute, the online store, offers the Display T-Shirts only on the French part on their online shopping sites.

And here is the link: Le Redoute online shop

With one of those T-Shirts, you will definitely be the attraction of any party.

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