Talk2myBoots – Seven Mile Boots that talk to you

Virtual_Boots.jpgThe Seven Mile Boots made by the trio Laura Beloff, Erich Berger and Martin Pichlmair in 2003 anticipated the always online culture we are living in today.

I know quite some people spending almost all their awake time online chatting with their friends around the world. Their body resides in the physical world but their mind is resident in the virtual world.

To help those folks never every loosing contact with the virtual world the Seven Miles Boots are just the solution for them.

After putting on the boots they start looking for active chat channels. When the user walks around s/he can locate a chat activity through audio.

By ‘walking’ through a group of chatters the wearer can decide to stop for closer observation. The boots log into the chat rooms automatically under the name of “sevenmileboots”. The channels are selected according to the wearers activity and topic.

While walking around the boots look for a new selection of channels from the net. The boots contain all the necessary techniques like a computer with WiFi, sensors, amplifiers and loudspeakers.


As miniaturization of computers has taken big steps lately and WiFi is getting ubiquitous like air, this Seven Miles Boots concept is closer to reality as one might think.

An interesting concept that might not necessarily end up in boots but other clothing or accessory items closing the gap between the real world and the online world.

[via Gizmag]

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  1. Hello wow amazing! But maybe next time put what the material is I got an allergic reaction all up my legs!

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