Wearable Electronic DIY project: Jacket thermometer

Jacket_thermometer.jpgWe have done a lot of coverage on heated apparels but how do we know how cold/warm is it inside our jacket?

To find out the temperature inside a jacket we could use an ‘old fashion thermometer’ or we can follow this DIY instruction to build a cool Jacket Thermometer indicating the temperature via different colors on your jacket.

In this DIY example the temperature is indicated in four color steps starting at around 10 degrees Celsius with blue light. The green color comes up next when we reach 18 degree Celsius followed by orange indicating the mid 20 degree Celsius range and topping up in the high 20’s with a red glow.

The DIY instructions are easy to follow but you need an Arduino board and knowledge how to program the Arduino.

This little jacket thermometer project shows a interesting way how a simple light indication can be made for garment integration. But there might be other ways to realize a Jacket Thermometer with light indication. If you know other solutions please drop us a line in the comments.


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