Rossignol Hit Jacket keeps you cosy warm

Rossignol_Hit_Jacket.jpgRossignol, French manufacturer of alpine and snowboard equipment as well as related outerwear, joined the growing market of heated apparel by launching for the 08/09 winter season the Hit Jacket.

Skiers know that after the adrenaline rush of a downhill race one has to line up at the ski-lift to go up again. Especially when the weather is not that great and the sun is hiding the time spent in the lift line can feel

Rossignol’s Hit jacket for women has a patented adjustable heating system with four heating panels integrated into the jacket’s lining giving up cozy warmth to make queuing up on the ski-lift more pleasant or at least more comfortable in cold weather.

When you are cold simply turn on the system by pressing the button on the battery which triggers the autonomous system into a 20 minute operating cycle – these cycles can be repeated 6 times per day before the battery has to be recharged.

The Hit Jacket is made of breathable, waterproof stretch material keeping the warmth inside.

Rossignol will launch the Hit Jacket this autumn for a suggested retail price of $700.-

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