Pneumatic fashion by Ying Gao

pneumatic_fashion.jpgIn fashion design the challenge is to design clothing whose volume remains fluid , textiles that flow softly around and down the body.

Inflexible fabric structures as seen in traditional designs create static even uniform style garments.

Montreal based designer Ying Gao adds to her designs soft movements with the help of  hidden air pumps making inflatable clothing that appear to virtually breathe.

When air is infused into a garment, the garment transforms itself appearing to be inhabited by an elusive body.

Inspired by air, Ying seeks to bring aesthetic form to the immaterial by creating interactive clothing that is playful and sensual giving her designs a magical touch.

The garments are designed to come to life when triggered by movement, wind or touch, expanding or contracting.

Ying created three dresses made of various fabrics and electronic components, which react to their immediate environment like movement, wind or touch and react by expanding or contracting of certain parts of the dress.

The dress in the video below is animated when approached, due to a motion detector that discerns the visitor’s proximity to the garment.

Ying’s project is an in-depth study on the garment’s adjustable structure and the integration of pneumatic and interactive technologies into the garment.

Haute couture designer Hussein Chalayan presented a version of animated dresses in his 2006 fashion show using tiny electrical motors. Ying Gao’s air based design is lightweight and simpler in construction which could help to make it one day into the ready-to-wear fashion market.

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