Woven Light by Kathy Schicker

Kathy Schicker, textiles designer, artist and teacher adds a new dimension to illuminated textiles by weaving with light.

How does it work? Her light reactive textiles using new and smart yarns that emit, reflect or react to light, including reflective, phosflurescent and photochromic yarns. These were woven using both traditional techniques and advanced technology – often hand woven on digital Jacquard looms.


These fabrics are white until they are exposed to sunlight, when colour and pattern is magically revealed. The sunlight also charges the textile, so it glows in the dark.

A brilliant idea using sunlight to bring textiles to life. Sun light is working for us already as energy provider via soft solar panels in bags and clothing. This Solar reactive textiles convert the solar energy to transform the textile patterns without the need of electrical power or wires.

This is to most environmental friendliest use of solar energy I have seen.


Kathy Schicker created a range of products for interiors, including backdrops, cushions and upholstry fabrics that constantly respond to the natural environment, interacting with the changing light of the days and seasons.

[via Fashioning Technology]

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