Flexible Led Curtain

Flexible_LED_curtain.jpgBeijing based Huasun Optoelectronic Science Co. selling a ‘made to order’ Flexible Led Curtain which looks and acts like a textile display.

Hanging on a wall or dividing a room this Flexible Led Curtain gives the amazing effect of a soft, drapable curtain which doubles as high resolution display.

This display can be folded, curved, pend and transformed freely to take on almost any shape. you could use it for a bed or coach cover or transform you curtain into your super size TV.

Actually this curtain is targeted for companies in the show or exhibition business that will appreciate the easy installation of large presentation displays and the light weight of this display saving shipping cost compared to conventional display technologies in such dimensions.

Have a look at the video to see how flexible this display is, you will be amazed.

Almost any video format that is used on a computer screen can be send to this textile display. Imagine using your curtain as computer monitor. Although the flexible LED curtain can be ordered, I don’t think it’s affordable for private use unless you have a very high salary.

But there is always hope the price comes down sooner or later – look at the price erosion of the LCD TVs a couple of years back and now. This curtain display may be a dream for now but could be in our homes in a few years and bring a soft touch to our big screens.


  1. I saw this product and quality of this is bad.
    It’s not flexible, after any move you can see bad pixels.

  2. it could be good if you will use it outside and look on it from 10 m. but you cant use it outside because brigth is bad.
    Your money your choose

  3. Hi, can ypu send me the price fora 2 x 2 mts and 3 x 2 mts of this products please and how much to send to mexico

  4. I have many questions
    1 – is this curtain screen can let air trought.
    2 – how about to fill area with 160 m X 10 m 160m2

    and how much would it cost with all the equipments

  5. cual es el precio de 3 x 2 y control y cuanto cuesta puesto en caracas, venezuela.
    can you send me the price for a 2 x 2 mts and 3 x 2 mts and sofware of this products please and how much to send to venezuela

  6. I need price for curtain out door the 3 x 2 meters+ software control.
    Technical characteristics.

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