Drum T-Shirt

Drum_T_Shirt.gifWe just covered some new interactive T-Shirts but there is ‘one more thing’: the Drum T-Shirt is pushing the limits of interactive clothing into new a new dimension.

ThinkGeek has proven in the past to think geek out-of-the-box when it comes to funky, innovative T-Shirts.

The latest T-Shirt invention, the Electronic Drum Kit Shirt, transforms the chest of musicians into drums so they can perform like our chest drumming ancestors have done long before the Stone Age.

Joking aside, I find the idea cool. Hitting the drums on the shirt with your finger will produce the drum sound through the built-in speaker housed in the battery box. Don’t expect ‘big’ sound coming out but the idea is amazing.

All drums on the shirt are playable and offer 7 different drum sounds to which you can rock away by punching your chest. The battery housing takes 4x AAA batteries, the speaker and a volume control to give you a bit of a control of your drum solo.

I like the statement on ThinkGeek’s website: “We could do what those other supposedly geeky apparel companies do and print a regular t-shirt with a cool looking picture of a drum kit on the front…

That’s right, why not using today’s technology to create another dimension on how to use our ‘everyday’ outfit in a funky, geeky way. For a price of $29.99 you buy a lot of fun.

I wonder which instrument will be next to make into a T-Shirt? Maybe the day comes where musicians give their performance with their clothing?  We will monitor the Music-clothing scene and keep you updated.

[via OhGizmo]


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