Smart, Heated Glove – Red Savina from Mountain Hardware

Red_Savina_heated_glove.jpgThe Red Savina is a heated glove is smart and keeps your fingers warm in the month to come.

Smart because it comes with a system that reacts to the temperature of the hand and maintains a warm and comfortable climate inside the gloves.

Whenever the temperature inside the gloves falls below a certain preset level, the heating kicks in and warms up your fingers.

The glove temperature control is based on the (patent-pending) Aevex® Intelligent Heat™ technology. No need to switch on or off the heating like by the other heated gloves on the market, the Red Savina will do the thinking and sensing for you so you can enjoy the great outdoors and never worry about cold fingers.

The Aevex® Intelligent Heat™ system uses three lightweight, low profile and flexible lithium polymer batteries, each weighing 7 grams to provide heat to the fingers and palm for up to 6 hours.

Mountain Hardware’s Red Savina heated gloves will be available soon in a women’s and men’s version for a suggested retail price of $350.-

You know my preference – warm fingers are priceless.


  1. The product description says ‘up to 6 hours continuous heat’ but I guess the effective time will depend on how much heating one needs, how cold it is outside. A save assumption would be 3-4 hours in chilly conditions.

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