Radiation detecting bracelet

EMF_bracelet.jpgSelf-proclaimed engineer, designer and artist Cati Vaucelle created a variant of a wearable Electromagnetic Field Detector in the form of a bracelet.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors are certainly not new and wearable prototypes have been created throughout the past years like the one mentioned on the Make Blog by Jonah Brucker-Cohen but Cati Vaucelle build the most complete and almost fashionable version showing the direction how EMF indication could be integrated into our clothing.

The harmfulness of electromagnetic fields in our digital environment is often discussed and there is not a clear answer if the EMF pollution is harmful or not. Studies that ‘proof’ the harmfulness and studies that say the opposite keep the balance. It’s ultimately up to every ones decision to watch of for EMF exposure.

Cati Vaucelle’s Electromagnetic Field Detector Bracelet shows how to design a cost-effective wearable sensor to detect and indicate the strength of an electromagnetic field around the wearer.

Her design concept demonstrated in the video below shows the electric field emanating from a laptop display.

Cati Vaucelle graduated from MIT in 2002 under the guidance of Dr. Hiroshi Ishii. She is currently researcher and PhD candidate at the MIT Media Laboratory. Her work explores how our expectations of physical space are transformed by digital technology. She studies the seamless sensory interventions by providing the wearers the opportunity to use fashion as a supporting mental health treatment.

The Electromagnetic Field Detector Bracelet is another example how ‘sensible’ technology can be integrated into clothing transforming them into the sensory second skin I imagine will become one day reality.

[via Make]


  1. Hi, I’m not sure the what an electromagnetic field detector bracelet would do for the general public. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on the subject, is it more for military use?

  2. Hi Jacqueline, electromagnetic radiation comes from almost any electronic device we use. Some radiate more than others but all of them do. TVs, monitors and cellphones radiate quite a lot for example. Some studies say this radiation can be harmful but now solid proof has been presented so far about the harmfulness.
    People who are very concerned about their health might find electromagnetic field detection useful or at least informative and having EMF detection integrated into the outfit might be a convenient way to keep an eye on the EMF.

  3. What did this person do to you? Calling a MIT PhD student in engineering a self-proclaimed engineer is rather rude. It does not seem a design concept but an actual working prototype. Another woman-hater blog…

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