Piano Gloves – Fingertip keyboard to inspiring musicians

piano_gloves.jpgWho does not play songs with the fingers by hitting a table or other objects to drum up the favorite tunes while idle or under pressure.

Hammacher Schlemmer will soon launch gloves that transform your finger drumming into (almost) realistic piano, violin or mandolin sound.

For musicians: each glove can play an entire octave in the key of C. Pressing on the heel of the hand changes the middle three fingers to the final notes A, B, and C, completing the scale.

Both gloves connect with a wire to an integrated speaker unit with volume and tempo control can be clipped to a belt.

A learning and demonstration functions allows to tap along with the speaker unit’s songs while perfecting your skills.

It’s not completely clear to me why Hammacher Schlemmer is targeting only children with the Fingertip Keyboard Gloves as I know many more ‘grown ups’ permanently hammering with their fingers imaginary songs on the meeting table as I see children doing it.

Only a small size gloves variant is available for Age 7 and up. The Fingertip Keyboard Gloves are expected to ship on October 17 for a very reasonable price of $69.95

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[via: Gizmodo]

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  1. This was my idea, cant believe u all didnt market it… i would have made so much more money….

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