Solar fashion bargain – 15% discount on all Noon Solar bags

Noon_Solar_bags.jpgGreat news for environmental fashionistas: get one of the gorgeous Solar bags from Noon at a 15% discount.

From now until the end of September Noon Solar is offering all of their solar bags a 15% discount when using the coupon code: septembersale during checkout.

Noon has set a very high level or solar bags by not only using advanced technology for the solar energy converting past of their bags but also on the selection of materials and production process for Noon’s solar bags.

Noon Solar bags are made from biodegradable materials and the dying is done by hand with natural substances.

For the textures and patterns on their bags, Noon uses the ancient Japanese dying method, Shibori, making each bag unique.

The bags leather comes from Germany, tanned in similar ways people have been tanning leather hundreds of years ago.

The use of sustainable materials and production processes, combined with a solar energy converting system beautifully integrated into the design makes Noon Solar bags a unique, environmental conscious handbag choice for our gadget (over)loaded lifestyle.

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