Touch screen compatible gloves

Dots_Gloves.jpgAn interesting product that does not use e-Textiles or any of the wearable electronic technologies we usually write about but related to the way clothing – in this case gloves – need to adapt to be able to interact with our indispensable electronic gadgets.

As we are on the way to the big freeze outside let’s have a look how we are going to interact with all the touch screens around us.

Most of our cellphones, iPods, Nintendo DS, ATMs or many public info systems have large touch screens which can not be operated with gloves covered fingers. Taking off and on the gloves just for picking up the phone is not the most convenient way of using a cell phone.

Dots has come up with an amazing simple and low cost way to solve this problem: gloves that have small metal dots on each fingertip making the contact between your fingers’ skin and the sensor surface. The smooth, curved surface of the dots is completely safe for touch screens and won’t scratch them according to Dots.

Two price points are available, $10.- or $15.- depending on your choice of fabric.Ā  It’s a small price you have to pay for keeping your fingers warm while using your cellphone.

As I said at the begin, this product is not about wearable electronic but it does show how our clothing will has to adjust to technologies we are using here and now.

[Wired via CrunchGear]


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