Burton Heated Dream Jacket to keep the ladies hot

Burton_Heated_Dream_Jacket.jpgWinter time will never be as cold as it used to be in the past. No, I am not talking about global warming, I am talking about heated clothing.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in cold season clothing that incorporates advanced textile heat elements to keep us toasty warm no matter how cold it gets.

Burton‘s Heated Dream Jacket for the 08/09 winter season comes just in time to get your next seasonal outfit arranged.

The Heated Dream Jacket uses a rechargeable battery to power the Thermo–Tex® Printed Heat, which converts electric current into radiant heat via the ink that is printed directly onto the liner of the jacket.

The stylish looking Heated Dream Jacket for Women has a slim fit cut and comes in two colors: True Black Plaid and Bright White Plaid. The jackets offers many dedicated pockets for goggles, ski pass, ATM, iPod/MP3 player and offers all the quality materials like Thermacore™ Insulation, DWR Coated Fabric and Microfleece Chin Saver. Available around the net as for example via this online store for $349.95

The choice is yours but keep in mind: the next winter comes for sure and better stay comfy warm than shivering.


  1. I just purchased this jacket yesterday at an odds and ends store for $20. I have to say that it is AMAZING. It’s warm and comfortable, not bulky at all. And so many pockets. :)

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