SmartNoti Jacket keeps track of your personal belongings

SmartNoti_model.jpgA combination of fashion and high-tech function the SmartNoti, short for for Smart Notification, is a unique solution for the common problem people like you and me exhibit too often: misplace or leave behind our personal belongings.

SmartNoti, designed by Georgia Institute of Technology students Nicholas Komor, Sidhant Gupta and Mayank Goel is a is Bluetooth based feature integrated into a hooded jacket. The user can tag his/her personal belongings like an MP3 player, cell phone, wallet or keys with small Bluetooth markers.

Whenever the user gets out of range of his/her belongings, the hooded jacket will start vibratiing and/or gives LED flashing light alert. The lights and vibrations can be customized to the user’s preferences.

Team member Nicholas Komor, an industrial design student with aspirations in fashion, designed the garment considering the best, most visible placement for the SmartNoti and keeping in mind the aesthetic requirements of style and materials.

SmartNoti.jpgA unique design feature is the way SmartNoti is used: by flipping up the hood, the wearer signals that he or she is talking on a Bluetooth device as passers-by sometimes mistakenly think someone is talking to them while actually using a Bluetooth headset.

By pulling up the hood the wearer visibly cuts out the world from his/her communication.

Misplacement and forgetting personal items is a very common symptom and delegating ‘do not forget me‘ to my outfit would be cool, allowing me to think about the more important things in life than keeping track of my cellphone all time.

Check out the SmartNoti in action:

SmartNoti was one of the projects coming out of a class on Wearable Electronics during the Fall Semester 2007 taught by Clint Zeagler and Thad Starner. This class was the first partnership between the Computer Science and Industrial Design departments at Georgia set up to demonstrate how technological innovation must meet functionality and pleasing aesthetics to create a marketable product.

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