NYX Display Jacket

nyx.gifA company called NYX clothing has launched or better, reintroduced a range of customised jackets with built-in flexible display screens that connect to a Palm OS PDA or smart phone.

NYX is promoting this concept for some time now (around 2 years) but hasn’t been commercialized beyond a small sample size production.

The message are send from a PDA for example and the words can be scrolled, messages rotated and NYX also has a microphone-based sound-to-light feature that enables the clothing to synch its light and message pulsing with the beat of the music.

The illuminated jackets run on three NiMH rechargeable AA batteries and last for 8 hours. The current jacket has a 16×16 pixel display screen on the front (7.5cm x 7.5cm) and a 16×32 pixel display screen on the back (15cm x 31cm).

The flexible display technology can be used in all types of clothing.
The company has completed product development of the illuminated jackets and is currently offering prototypes to clients for around US $900.

We could not find information about where to buy or order such Jacket although, we know that NYX is making them on demand. If you are interested into one of those Jackets, you need to get in contact with NYX directly.

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