Beat cold hands with the Vaso heated glove liner

heated_glove.jpgCold hands are the first sign of the approaching winter time. If you hate, like me, cold fingers, heated gloves are the invention of today.

With the advancements of e-textiles our winter outfit does not have to come in multiple layers but it can be slim and lightweight almost like summer clothing as long as textile heating elements are integrated.

Over the past 2 years we have seen more and more heated clothing coming to the market and every year these heated clothing items get more sophisticated.

Vaso_heated_glove_liner.jpgVaso Heated Glove Liners come in a sleek, light weight design but keep your hands warm and dry under the coldest conditions with their patented Bioheat technology.

Bioheat is the integration of thermal microflex technology with peripheral neurovascular physiology. In plain English: it is an advanced flexible circuit that strategically positions thermal elements on all five fingertips for maximum stimulation and therefore protection from the cold.

Sounds simple – right?! What directed my attention to the Vaso heated glove liner is the light weight design. So far we have seen rather ‘bulky’ ski-glove type heated gloves. The integration of slim technology elements allow more design/style freedom making heated clothing more fashionable, fit to be worn not only when biking, hiking or during winter sport activities but also for the city chic lifestyle.

Vaso uses conventional AA batteries that fit into a ‘Flexconnect’ system which is a construction of a durable soft polymer that conforms to the shape of the wrist providing greater wear comfort. Each hand needs 1x AA battery to warm up your hand.

If you attach a value of $80.- to warm hands then click over to Vaso and buy the heated glove liners before the cold weather is hitting you.


  1. Yes I tried the Vaso Heated Glove liner last year, they were pretty good. I really liked the tight fit. Now I’m exicted for this years model which is hotter and have five different heat settings. I orded them thru at the discount.

  2. I did buy Vaso Heated Glove Liners last year, they were OK, good for general wear in the city as they did fit nicely under my leather gloves, BUT when I used them for skiing in Canada I wish they could have heated up more. that said I received a promotional email from Vaso Glove, they do have a new heated glove liner for this year and it promises to be much better (so they say anyway) more power, more heat etc. I did order a pair, I should receive within the next couple of weeks, so I will let you know what I think of them.

  3. I bought Vaso heated gloves last year. In cold weather, around 20 degrees, they did nothing for me. I must be missing something here. I would not suggest buying them

  4. I bought VASO glove liners last year and I think they are worthless. I am a little leery of buying another pair but my hands were so cold last week skiing in Alta that I think I will try another pair, if anyone has the new ones please let post how they work, Thanks, JIm

  5. I bought VASO gloves for my husbands birthday- they didn’t work after he wore them twice (and even the first two times they were nothing special). The customer service is lousy as well. THey had no working telephone number and their email staff is ridiculously slow and almost never returns their emails. I will never buy a product from them again.

  6. Got my gloves a couple of weeks ago, apparently they have had some problems with with batteries or something. Their customer service has always been very good to me though. I am also very satisfied with the gloves. They definitely provide much more heat and I like that I can choose different heat settings. Both the fit and feel is way better than last year. Overall I’m very happy and would recommend them.

  7. WOW! Receive mine y-day, and I am SO happy I got them. After reading the review about them not working I had 2nd thoughts of buying them, but I figured that I could just send them back and get a refund if I didn’t like them. But I LOVE them! I will never send these back. They even look cooler then those ones on this website.

  8. They are the best gloves ever. Was with my fiancee in Aspen last week and there was a lot of buzz going on about them, so I figured I give them a try. Can’t ski without them now. I mostly use setting 3 and the battery lasts about 3 hrs. I got system with 4 batteries so that last me all day skiing.

  9. These new V5 gloves sounded great but they are absolutely useless. I pre-ordered them and had to wait 8 months before they arrived and that was after sending about 5 e-mails to their customer support and being told they would ship at the end of the month (every month). Anyway, they finally arrived and one of the batteries was dead so I had to return that. When I finally got to test them out on the ski slopes, the first battery went dead after about 1 minute (no LEDs lit) and the second battery died after about 2 minutes. They’re just garbage. The instructions say that the batteries have an auto cut out chip to protect them if they get wet and then you have to put them in the charger to reset them. Well, that’s not much use if they cut out on the slopes. If Vaso can sort out the battery problems then this glove might be decent but right now they’re useless. I wouldn’t recommend buying Vaso products because the old gloves and the new V5 gloves have both been a waste of money for me and their customer service is appalling.

  10. WOW! What a mixed bag we have here! I/we purchased the first pair a year ago (AA size batteries) and really liked them for fishing. Opted to get the new style (pre-purchased) in June of last year. FINALLY rec’d the gloves in Jan. and one didn’t work. Rec’d the replacement (Fed-X! even)…only WRONG hand (bone heads). Sent back the dead one and WRONG one in Feb….still haven’t rec’d replacement. The product seems to be good……it’s getting it that is the problem. NEVER pre-order again!…..cusomter service is VERY weak at times.

  11. I bought a pair of gloves with extra batteries last year. The batteries stopped working after several hours. The owner, Cameron, acknowledged they were defective and sent me a second batch of batteries. They lasted about two days before they, too, stopped working. One more round of batteries later and finally I said enough. Again Cameron acknowledged the problem, but he said the failure rate was so high that he couldn’t refund my money right away. The delay went on for months. Finally, when I threatened to sue, he sent me two postdated checks, but he conveniently “forgot” to write out the dollar amounts, so the bank wouldn’t accept them. He has failed to answer all subsequent communication. The Vaso gloves are a great idea, but the product is clearly defective and the company is either dishonest or insolvent our both. I for my part am out $200, never having received a replacement (I returned the gloves) or a refund or even an apology. AVOID AT ALL COST — this is not an honest company!!!

  12. hey Guys,

    After reading all these reviews I am really disappointed because I was really looking forward to buy the new V5 model. However, if anyone here is unhappy with their purchase please contact me a brief description about the problem you have with the glove. I may be will be able to buy off you the defect one and see if I can repair it myself.

    I would really appreciate that.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,

  13. I purchased vasoglove liners in January 2009.The batteries did not heat beyond 1 hiur though I had purchased the “endurance system” at level 1.A change in battery did not help.I tried over and over to have a new glove and clip-on battery system changed,I return the gloves but never received any refund and the gloves were not returned either.All my attempts to contact the company were to no avail,as their website is no longer up.Messages left at the “contact office”:3023531373 or at 3038006520.I was looking forward to get help from these nonbulky liners but have lost $250.00 and feel cheated.I would appreciate any help and information.

  14. Can someone please email me @ and please tell me where i can buy them or where to order them from been trying to figure it out and cant. i work at 300ft in the air in the coldest conditions possible and i would really like a couple pairs for me and my guys. greatly apperciate it would be nice if could get them before this winter.

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