Hot interactive backpack bargains

iPod_Backpack.jpgIf you like soft, sensual colors like Purple or Lavender and like to have an interactive backpack you are in for a hot bargain. In our restless search for wearable electronic goods we came across two online reseller offering iPod controlling backpacks at an incredible low price.

The first is the G-Tech Psycho, a rugged backpack ideal for your school essentials while offering a great way to enjoy your iPod with convenient textile remote operation on this single strap backpack which works with all iPods with dock connector.

The Psycho bag features a roomy, padded main compartment, as well as side pockets for your sports bottle, PDA, cell phone and other items. There’s also a headphone jack built into the strap, so you can enjoy your music without headphone cords draped all over your backpack.

Now the best part: the G-Tech Psycho in the color Lavender (as shown in the photo) comes for only $19.99 at this online store. The price makes it very difficult to pass over considering you get an interactive, iPod controlling backpack.

A bit more expensive but still incredible low priced comes the JanSport LiveWireâ„¢ Audio Pack which is a bit larger than the previous bag.

The LiveWire Audio Pack comes with soft-fabric keyboard integrated into the left shoulder strap providing full remote control of your iPod. The ‘standard’ five-button command of iPod functions: volume, forward, reverse, pause, play, power on and off.

The dual port connection makes this backpack compatible with 3rd generation and newer iPods. Also on this backpack, the universal headphone port is integrated into the strap which makes headphone cord management easy and convenient.

The LiveWire Audio Pack is available at this online store for just $23.99 in the color Purple.


These two Backpacks are the lowest priced iPod ready backpacks, representing great value for money allowing you a low cost first ‘hands-on’ experience with wearable technology. Once you discover how convenient bags with integrated controls are you won’t like to miss it in any of your future bags/backpacks.

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