Rucyl Mills Elektro-07 wearable MIDI Controller

elektro_07.jpgNYC based electronic musician and artist Rucyl Mills fused an M-Audio USB MIDI controller and a shoulder bag into the wearable Elektro-07 music controller.

A very challenging starting point I would say but Rucyl is no newcomer to interactive designs as her larger portfolio indicates.

The over-the-shoulder bag contains a MIDI controller complete with pads, knobs and faders. Convenient to reach all controls and allowing to move freely on the stage opens a new artistic dimension on stage.

Rucyl’s description of her wearable sound controller bag:

I built the elektro-07 so I could control the sonic and visual parameters of my live performances without having to look deep into the eye of my laptop, hunched over in computer music stance.

I’m still learning how to play it.. Software wise, it runs a maxMSP/Jitter patch smoothly, connected to my laptop by a long usb cable. Major thanks to Luke DuBois.

Originally it was named the Chakakhantroller after Chaka Khan… but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t get the reference.. so I changed it to Elektro-07 after my newly launched label, Elektrocardio. Next version will be wireless, and yes… it’s made of black leather and snakeskin.


It’s a sexy looking way to replace an old-fashion computer usually used for such performances into a fashionable, in every aspect interactive shoulder bag.

Wearable technologies and performing art might just have started a new artistic dimension.

[via: Makezine]

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