Burton – Motorola Audex Jacket

Audex_Down_Jacket.JPGThe Audex, Bluetooth-enabled jacket range was developed in cooperation of Burton and Motorola for the winter season 2005/06. It links a skier’s mobile phone and iPod with an embedded system operated via an easy removable control module on the jacket sleeve.

Stereo speakers are built into the hood of the jacket and a microphone is embedded in the upper section near the collar, allowing seamless, unobtrusive wearability and playability.

The different elements can be swapped between products, used as stand alone items and removed and reinserted easily.

The use of the control panel on the left sleeve allows to take or make calls and switch songs on your iPod® without removing them from your pockets. There’s even a mini caller ID screen on the sleeve.

The jackets come in different styles and colors and cost around US$450.00
Check out the web site of Burton for more details on the jacket or go to the Burton-Motorola site for some flashy images and presentations.

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