Backpack with GPS tracker and electronic ears

GPS_Backpack.jpgHidden inside this ordinary students Backpack is a real-time GPS tracking unit with audio capability. You can ‘call’ into the tracking device inside the backpack and listen to what is being discussed around the unit!

This sounds very much like James Bond gear but it is reality. For the fabulous price of $1,200.- it’s not only the highest price I have seen for a backpack it’s also the most sneakiest on the block.

Marketed as ‘the ideal solution for children and/or teens who run the possibility of being kidnapped or venturing into “bad” neighborhoods’, the GPS Backpack with audio capabilities allows to sneak up on your kids via the hidden real-time GPS tracker via a password-protected website.

Besides keeping a (very) close ear on your kids, Grandchildren & Teenagers it is supposed to be also helpful in locating people suffering from Alzheimer’s or keep your ears on employees like sales and service staff in the field to check if they are sneaking off for a while.

As much as I love when technology is merged into bags, this is a bit too much of a ‘Big Brother’ feature but yet again, for certain professions like MI6 or CIA, wearable technologies might offer new possibilities.

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