Love Meter T-Shirt

lovemeter_shirt_1.gifThe Love Meter T-Shirt is another variant of the Dynamic Love shirt we have posted abut a while ago.

The love indication on both shirts is similar: as you move closer to another person wearing also a Love Meter T-Shirt, the love meter grows stronger. As you move away, the love meter fades, visualizing what happens with our love. I am just kidding.

You can now show the whole world your love with the Love Meter T-Shirt. It’s a cute design feature out of the interactive fashion department, a feature your girl/boy friend will appreciate.

The love-shirt is made of 100% cotton, can be hand washed after the battery pack is unplugged and requires 4 regular AAA Batteries to show your love.

The price of the love-t-shirt is £23.99 (around $43.5) and can be ordered online (shipping is worldwide) at this place.

In case you want to hide your love temporally, there is an off switch on the t-shirt but I am not sure if love can be turned on/off with the flick of a switch …. you decide.

[GearLive via StyleGuru]


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