Fight the cold weather with WarmX

warmximage.jpgThe products from the German company WarmX get a warm welcome at this time of the year – late autumn and winter.

WarmX has introduced its line of electrically heated clothing, which promises to keep you warm in the great, cold outdoors.
It’s perfect for all outdoor sport activities but also in the professional, working environment where people have no choice but stay in the cold for longer periods of time.

Heated garments usually have heavy wires and bulkiness but not so with WarmX!

A special electrically conductive polyamide thread is woven directly into the cloth. A microprocessor in the control module/battery box regulates the temperature at your choice of three different levels. The rechargable Lithium-Ion battery lasts for 2 to 5 hours depending on the temperature setting.

The idea is simple but great and no worry, their fabric won’t short circuit. All the garments on offer are washable – as one would expect.

You can order the different types of garments ranging from shirts (Euro 348.-) and tights (Euro 398.-) to undershirts (around 250.- Euro) in the women and man collection.

The WarmX online store is open for shopping.

via Techwear

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