Interactive fashion – summer sale

We compiled a list of cool interactive fashion items that are on sale online. Maybe there is something for you to grab for the last few weeks of summer ahead of us.

interactive_fashion_T_shirt.jpgMusic and Sons offers a 30% discount of most of their fabulous looking MP3 Music T-Shirts. Made with the greatest care for the environment by using organic cotton and Bamboo fibers as well as adopting ‘Fair Wear’ principles to ensure slave labor and other unethical employment is excluded from the manufacturing process of all garments makes these T-Shirts a trendsetter in eco clothing as well as in our interactive fashion lineup.

Music and Sons MP3 T-Shirts make the cable management for your mobile device as easy as wearing a T-Shirt.

interactive_sport_bra.jpgHow about some workout in style?  The Numetrex Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra goes for just $45.95 and the Men’s Cardio Shirt for $58.99

Having a good workout outdoors before the winter season starts is a good idea.

With the Numtrex line of textile sensor equipped heart rate sport apparel you can get in shape in the most comfortable and good looking way.

solar_bag.jpgWant to be power grid independent? Have a look at the many Solar power bags on the market. Eclipse Solar Gear has their good looking Fusion TM Canvas Messenger Bag at a reduced price off $53.99, saving you almost 25%. The messenger bag has pockets for your cell phone and audio player as well as a large cavity for a laptop computer. Getting a free charge every other day is a nice thing, saves a bit off carbon and some money in your pocket.

These are just a few items out of the growing range of interactive apparel and bags. Getting a bit of savings once in a while is always welcome and we help you in searching around to save you also some valuable time and spare you from googling and running around for a bargain.

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