DIY – Light recycling Backpack

DIY_Solar_LED_Bike_Bag.jpgAn interesting DIY project from Instructables user ‘sykoze‘ shows how to make a backpack which catches sunlight during the day via solar panels and gives back the light in form of LEDs during night.

The idea is not new but the way ‘sykoze’ has designed his Solar LED Bike Bag has some very useful features.

For once he integrates turn signaling similar to Leah Buechley’s turn signal jacket. Another light option is a spot light which can become very handy in some situations e.g. reading a map. The third light option is a continuous light for visibility improvement.

Sykoze’s motivation for creating the Solar LED Bike Bag is interesting as well: He worked the night shift at a bakery a few towns away and was forced to use his bike because the buses didn’t run this route overnight.

His road experience was that he continually was forced to the side of the road by inconsiderate drivers speeding by and it probably wasn’t easy to see him given the general lack of street lighting in the area.

To solve all this issues once and forever, the idea of a Solar LED Bike Bag was born. Check out the video below and see all the light functions of the Solar LED Bike Bag:

The instructions are very detailed and fairly simple to follow but you need to have a bit DIY experience to put it together. Have a look for yourself and see if this is a project/product you have good use for it.

For my part I am most impressed by the user insight, the motivator to come up with the Solar LED Bike Bag which captures (sun)light during the day and recycles it during the night.

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